Thursday, July 28, 2011

The road calms me.

"Do you want to go home yet?" 
"I never want to go home yet."

I brought my car down to the university this term in the hope that it'll help me break out of a small-town life that's slowly becoming routine.
My friend Mignon and I took a long detour tonight, just because we can, and ended up snaking our way through the suburbs high above the city. In the spirit of whimsy, we took turns in choosing to go left or right and promised to only talk about things of no consequence.

I know we all have those amazing, big road trips in life and see amazing places, and I ppreciate it as much as the next travel-fanatic... but sometimes all you need to calm down and get perspective is a little a bit of road on the slope of a hill.

Wishing you something unexpected,

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  1. That video is so calming :) We should definitely document our trips too!