Thursday, August 25, 2011

Partying it up 50's style

As most girls I love a good dress up, so I jumped at the chance when invited to a 50's party last night. It was the annual meeting of our student newspaper (of which I am the new Arts & Entertainment editor, hurrah!). They went for a Mad Men inspired 50's newsroom theme and it turned out so well. 

Mignon (my favourite wingwoman and soon-to-be roomie) and I went all out in beehives and red lipstick. She wore a high-waisted skirt over a pretty lace top.  I was in a polka dot dress with a red belt. It was originally a hilarious looking pantsuit that I picked up for cheap cheap and altered into a dress. One of my favourite second-hand bargains I've had in ages.
Everybody looked so stylish- fedoras, pearls and paisley suspenders borrowed from grandpas. 
I wish we could dress like this every day!

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  1. It was awesome. We should go to dress up parties more often (and not drink the punch ;)