Thursday, July 14, 2011

Brazil: the places

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I understand how important the big cities and tourist attractions are when traveling. You can't go to Brazil without seeing Rio de Janeiro, with it's famous beaches and iconic landmarks, like the Cristo Redento sculpture and the Sugarloaf peak. I wouldn't miss out on the impressive architecture of the capital, Brazilia, or the buzz of São Paulo.

The highlights are great, but I'm just not that kind of traveler. If I went to Brazil (when I go to Brazil), I'd rather hide out on the luscious islands of  Fernando de Noronha, with it's stunning nature and little towns. I'd want to see the breath-taking Iguaza waterfalls and spend as much time as possible with the locals of the culturally rich Ouro Preto or the sleepy shore town of Paraty.
A week is clearly not enough to explore this fantastically vast and diverse country, and the internet certainly does it no justice. But, just looking into some of the amazing places Brazil offers, makes me itch to get on a plane. 
For some great line-ups of Brazil must-sees, check out the Brazil travel blog and the coolist.

Thanks to Bonoboi for a great account of Fernando de Noronha
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  1. Oh, I would love to travel to Brazil.