Sunday, July 17, 2011

Brazil: the good stuff

During the first week of The Travel Project I've peeked into the facts and places of Brazil, but this is where is gets interesting. This is the stuff you remember later whenthink of "that one time in Brazil, when..."
Capoeira Practice on Dili Beach
The first time I really fell in love with Brazil was when we covered capoeira in anthropology at college. This is the most graceful and powerful sport I know, with an amazing mix of dance, acrobatics and martial arts. It started out as a way for slaves to train themselves, yet look like they're dancing, and has evolved into a wonderful discipline that brings communities together and keeps kids out of trouble. It's development was also closely linked to the creation of various Afro-Brazilian instruments and their usage, which is also fascinating.
Check out this stylised video and this more realistic vid to understand why capoeira is on my must-experience list for Brazil.
Passagem dos Gigantes pela Rua de São Bento

The biggest tourist draw and arguably the biggest event in Brazil is of course the carnival about a month before Easter. Although Rio and Sao Paulo have the most famous carnivals, the big and sparkly festival takes place all over Brazil and with variations across the country. Although this isn't the biggest pull for me, if you're going to go to Brazil, this is definitely something you can't miss. I'd probably stick to the sea-side carnivals, especially those with lots of audience-participation. And of course, the carnival is a great place to see and experience the iconically sexy samba

There is so, so much more to explore, and I feel like I barely even touched on Brazil this week. But, after all, this project is not about knowing everything- it's about exploring what's out there and being enchanted by possibilities.
Week 1 is over and I'm quite glad I'm doing this project, even if just for myself.

Have a great Sunday

photos by Timor-Leste at  UN Photo/Martine Perret and Prefeitura de Olinda

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