Friday, July 15, 2011

Beautiful illustrators

One of my favourite things about the internet is that it gives so many fantastic artists a chance to showcase their work. Among these are some great illustrators, whose work I would love to share with you. Due to copyright and such great things, I unfortunately can't actually post any of their drawings, but do yourself a favour and brows their galleries.

Sebastian Foster is simple but special gallery of artists and illustrators from around America and the world.  From Amanda Blake's whimsical paintings to Diana Sudyka's quirky animal prints, there are some real gems here. Also, I quite like Hollie Chastain's graphic design-like technique.

Krista Schneider's illustration portfolio is filled with simple but adorable drawings, from toasters to giraffes. Her black and white sketches would be an awesome alternative to the traditional colour-in books for kids. Which kid wouldn't rather want to colour in a penguin with earmuffs?

Lastly, Marc Johns is not only iconic, but simply hilarious. From pipe-smoking rabbits to radios with antlers, he's the king of quirkiness. Having coffee with him must be fantastic.

Go check it out!

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