Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oh, Hello world: new beginnings

I've been plotting this blog for a while now and I feel excited into my big toe that it's finally up and running. I've been in the blogosphere on and off for about 6 years and have been inspired so much lately that I'm giving personal blogs another shot. 

As you'll see in those nifty tabs up there, this blog is mainly about two things. It's my little contribution to the world of blogs that adore all things pretty and special in life (For more of these mystical blogs I speak of, check the bloglove tab). I'm planning to do some DIYs when I can and mix in some beautiful things I happen to come across. 

The big catalyst to start this is the Travel Project. I'm hoping that if I bring this personal challenge of mine online, it'll motivate me to stick with it. Also, sharing it with you all will hopefully teach me even more about our crazy world. 

The Travel Project starts this week with a peek into Brazil, a country high up in my Must See list for no particular reason other than seeming exotic. 
So, here goes this little adventure.
Stick with me, will you?